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Sweet Basil Seeds - Babri byol


<p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'><em><u>Babri Byol or sweet basil seeds are a super food.&nbsp;</u></em></p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>The basil plant is native to India. It is also called sweet basil but is <strong>different</strong> from the <em>Holy Basil or Tulsi</em>, which is common in every Indian household and credited for its immunity-boosting properties. The herbs of the basil plant are known to be very healthy and so are the seeds. The black and tear-shaped seeds that many confuse with chia seeds are rich in proteins, carbs, and essential fats and are packed with a good deal of fiber. Interestingly, these seeds of the basil plant contain no calories.</p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>Babri Byol or sweet basil seeds are most nutritious when soaked in water and consumed.</p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>There are a plenty of Babri Byol seeds uses. These fragrant seeds do not really have a distinct taste and can be added to a variety of dishes for a nutrition boost. They are great as a garnish for drinks and desserts. Blended in a lemonade or sprinkled over kulfi, they impart their own fresh and grassy touch. You can munch on these seeds as a low-calorie snacking alternative. Add it to pastas or soups for a crunchy feel.</p>

<p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>Babri Byol seeds or sweet basil seeds are used to make a drink along with water, sugar, honey and sometimes coconut milk. It is a great drink to sip on to beat the scorching summer heat. They are one of the best body coolants. They are known to lower your body heat, which is why people often add them to refreshing drinks like nimbu paani, sherbets or milkshakes.</p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>Babri Byol seeds are considered to be good for type 2 diabetics as it is known to keep a check on blood sugar levels. They slow down the metabolism of your body and thus controls the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. You could simply mix soaked basil seeds in a glass of milk and have it for breakfast. It makes for a wonderful healthy drink.&nbsp;</p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>You can soak about two teaspoons of sabja seeds in one cup of warm water for about 15 minutes. Warm water causes the seeds to fully swell up releasing antioxidants and beneficial digestive enzymes.</p>

<p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>Babri Byol seeds soothe stomach burn and their diuretic functions flush out the toxins from your body. They neutralise the acidic effect of HCL in the body and bring relief. Soaked seeds are full of water and they help in soothing the stomach lining and thus relieves the burning sensation.</p> <p style='margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:115%;font-size:15px;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";'>Babri Byol seeds crushed into coconut oil and applied on affected areas help in treating several skin infections like eczema and psoriasis. Crush the seeds, without soaking it, in a cup of coconut oil and warm it for a few minutes before using. Eating basil seeds regularly helps your body secrete collagen, which is required to form new skin cells as and when they are damaged due to normal wear and tear.&nbsp;</p>

Maej Kasheer
Jul 4, 2021 6:30 PM