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1. What does Maej Kasheer mean?
Ans: Maej Kasheer means Mother Kashmir, this business is a tribute to the founders' motherland, Kashmir. Mother is an essence of truthfulness, love, and sincerity. Our products are curated with the same amount of truthfulness, love, and sincerity. Maej Kasheer India is owned by young Kashmiri Pandit women.

2. Are all the products sourced from Kashmir?
Ans: All that Kashmiris consume is not grown locally, trade of goods has been going on since ages. Communities evolve and make different ingredients/ products a part of their lifestyle apart from the native goods. Hence, all that we sell is not sourced from Kashmir, but those products are a part of Kashmiri lifestyle or cuisine. We source best quality goods from all over India.

3. What is the idea behind Maej Kasheer India?
Ans: We at Maej Kasheer aim at bringing the valley to your doorsteps. Our product line is curated by the women of the valley to give you the best of the kashmiri Hindu lifestyle. We will bring you authentic products, and as well as goods with a modern touch that are inspired from the craft and lifestyle of Kashmiri Hindus.

4. Can we place orders via Instagram DM?

Yes, you can directly DM us on Instagram to place orders.

5. How to place Bulk orders?
To place bulk orders, please get in touch with us via email/WhatsApp. (contact us page linked)